From the Stratics ex-Dawn site and now confused site comes word that in the wake of Dawn deciding that making a MMORPG isn’t the most effective use of their vast coding resources, tomorrows “DuskHoC” has been cancelled.

“Its going to be a zoo in there,” said Jeff, judging from the eruption found on the “Dusk Boards” shorty after the release of the Dusk announcement and the opening of those boards, which have been made unavailable for the time being.

We’ve been told by anonymous sources that Stratics itself has finally decided to follow Dr. TwisTer’s lead and, by tomorrow, will finally yank Glitchless’ last shred of credibility. It was either that or branch into real time strategy strategy sites, I suppose.

Those of you tracking this story may want to watch as the SPECIAL jello is finally handed out.

I am leaving Dawn. A dream can only be held onto for so long. For all those whom are still Dawn fans, I will tell you exactly what I am doing. I am going to stay registered for the dawn beta test, but that will be the extent of my involvement in the Dawn project by Glitchless. This plan is what I have suggested to those whom have lost faith in Dawn over the past year, and it is the plan I am now following myself.

As always with Dawn stories, I can’t make any of this up. We’ll continue to keep kicking this dead puppy until it finally gibs into goo.