GOD HELP US ALL [Author: lum]

You all know what happened today. If you don’t, for god’s sake get up from your damn computer for five minutes. Someone will probably tell you.

I am in shock. I have a stepdaughter who is in high school. Her first response was “You don’t understand, this could SO happen here. Security at school is a joke.”

The world is getting worse. When I was in highschool all of 15 years ago, people would excrete concrete products for even bringing a gun to school. Now we’ve got kids who can’t even buy smokes legally with goddamned assault rifles and pipe bombs.

At this writing, it looked like this month’s installment of Hell on earth was perpertrated by a clique of Goths who were pissy because the jocks got all the cool shit. And apparently they were racist too. Wonderful. I so love humans.

I know a lot of you reading this are hardcore PKs. I’ve been in a PK guild myself, so I’m not preaching to you from some faroff ivory tower. I want you to ask yourself, is there even any CHANCE that you are capable of pulling the crap that those two meatbags that resigned from humanity pulled today. Any chance at all.

I’m not calling you sick or perverted or twisted for liking to PK online. I’m just calling for a quick reality check. Make sure that you aren’t being desensitized by the violence we live in today, a violence mirrored by the music we listen to, the movies we watch, and the games we play.

It’s not the guns fault, it’s not the schools fault, its not even the parents fault. It’s our fault, society’s fault. And the only way out is for each and every one of to own this, and commit to, in however microscopic a fashion, fixing it.

Thank you. Back to the same old silly shit.