Sage Thunderlips pointed this ad to the right out to me, and I have to agree, it is the most deceptive ad banner I’ve ever seen. Here, here’s some quotes they took from the review, and some quotes I took from the same review. You be the judge!

Adrenaline Vault review
Ad copy: “…Nothing less than breathtaking.”
Review copy: “Origin and EA should be ashamed for releasing such an anticipated title in this condition. Their decision is irresponsible and unforgivable.”

Next Generation review:
Ad copy: “Worthy of a place in game history”
Review copy: “Ultima IX: Ascension is a testament to the poor decisions of game publishers everywhere.”

Game Revolution review:
Ad copy: “…Destined to be a classic.”
Review copy: No actual review. Go to http://www.game-revolution.com and see for yourself.

Gene Shalit died for your sins, bastards.