So I finally googled myself, and apparently there’s another Scott Jennings out there. (I know, hard to believe. It’s such an uncommon name and all.) My doppleganger even looks vaguely like me.

(Since I’m the one with the goatee, I must be the Mirror Scott Jennings from the Evil Universe.
On the other hand, we both appear to be very drunk.)

He does improv, and more importantly he updates his blog more often than I do. Yay! Now when I’m feeling lazy, I can just have the site redirect to his. Not only that, according to Google he’s more Scott Jennings than I am. In his words:

According to Google (and are YOU going to try to dispute them?), I am the #1 Scott Jennings on the Internet, finally overtaking that presumed wanker Scott Jennings who does a lot of video game stuff I’d never be interested in. He can keep it. Seriously, I used to be buried on page 24 or something, so this represents a major surge in the Scott Jennings rankings for me.

Alas, since that entry Google has posted the log you’re reading right now, as opposed to that OTHER Jennings guy, at #2, just behind some painter. However, I think he should be disqualified, as not only does he have some new agey MIDI going on, but he isn’t even a real Scott Jennings, prefixing his name with a W. Two out of three Scott Jenningss agree – he’s OUT of the club.

There’s also a usenet group called alt.bonehead.scott-jennings. I’m not sure what that’s about.

Anyway, that’s all your Scott Jennings news for today. Tune in tomorrow when I gaze at my navel some more.