Played some EQ this weekend on my cancelled-yet-for-some-odd-reason-still-active account. The good news is that I gained 4 levels. The bad news is that they were all level 15.

Playing on Veeshan, one of the oldest servers, it was almost funny watching the player-run economy decay before my eyes. As a Brand-Spankin’-New level 15 shaman with plat burnin’ a hole in my pocket, it was time to get banded. Should be easy, right? I’m in Greater Faydark, the zone with hundreds of people yelling at each other at all times (usually involving the word “biznatch”) and smithing is the only trade skill that isn’t completely broken, right?

Well no one was selling banded. A few folks were selling hand-me-down bronze (which my character, being a shaman, can’t use) but banded was yesterday’s news. Everyone who needed banded already had it, you see, and since it never decays, is looted, or otherwise goes away, the blacksmithing market dried up and all the smiths went to camp Cazic for rubicite like everyone else.

Which doesn’t help my poor mid-level shaman running around in leather, but hey…

Anyway, speaking of EQ, I’ve been working through my backlog of submitted articles. Here’s Bum the Sad’s analysis of Verant’s guide program, based on a certain document we’re not supposed to talk about.