Just a quick clarification or two.

The site’s not going anywhere but it will change. I’ve let the submitted email drive the site, and it’s taken it in a direction I don’t particularly want to go. When it returns the updates will be somewhat less frequent, all from my own feverish brain, and hopefully somewhat more enjoyable. There are plenty of places on the site for you the viewer to state your case, from the “Got milk?” links at the bottom of every story to the well-used even if gimped forum.

I know this will be seen by some as juvenile grandstanding or a ploy for attention, but after almost six months of this I really do need a break. It just hit me after sorting through my mail deciding which flame to post this time that it just wasn’t fun any more. So there will be less flame, more fun.

Anyway, 12/1 sounds like a nice round number. See you then.