After an upgrade to the Velious uberzone “Sleeper’s Tomb”, Conquest on Lanys devised a strategy for beating the “boss mobs” that involved chain-resurrecting group members. After killing the 4th warder, “the sleeper awoke”. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t ready for the sleeper to wake up yet. So surprised Conquest members saw a raging human placeholder. (If you break something in EQ you see the default human animation instead of whatever is supposed to be there). Throughout Velious on Lanys fragmented story events sort-of happened as it became really obvious that a very ambitious, and very incomplete quest sequence was firing off. Sort of.

After a few moments, the placeholder was killed by the GM and… well, we’ll let a Conquest member take over from here.

Everyone in the zone was being warned [by the GM] for exploiting. We were not exploiting.

He then proceeded to translocate everyone out of the zone. After about 5 minutes he started summoning all 28 of us to the Arena. Once we got there he explained that he had been on the phone with Jeff Butler and that we were all being suspended and our guild was being disbanded. To say I was shocked would be putting it too mildly.

We kept asking him what it was we had exploited but he wouldn’t say at first. He then said that we had been Complete Healing and then using Call of Hero on the clerics….ummmm…..duh….how else do you remove aggro. None of his explanations (there weren’t many) made any sense at all. It seemed very obvious that they had no clue what we had done, or how. We offered to go back again and show them exactly how we had done it, but they were not interested. Our guildleader explained what we were doing, the GM stated that they had logs of everything basically trying to scare our guildleader into stating something else. We told him great! Go check the logs, he then said he would start parcing the logs while talking. They hadn’t even looked at the logs! We were guilty before they even had done that.

The GM himself (Valdemar) seemed apologetic at this turn of events and even allowed members to loot their corpses before today’s patch would have nuked them. And from the guild’s own board, they seem pretty aware their tactic was on the cheesy side. Still, it looks from this corner (and a few others) like Verant panicked when the players went faster then they had planned.

You win! Go home! (Oh, and the two of you with marks on your record already? You’re banned. Go home and stay there.)

Verant was asked for comment. As is usual with issues involving suspensions of players they had none.