We do not like unofficial strategy guides, Said 3Drealms Owner and Partner, George Broussard. Regarding online strategy guides, Broussard added that …as long as they aren’t doing an entire 200 page hint book online that is. Then that cuts into book sales.”

However, The Register reports that Broussard announced plans to prevent websites from using “unapproved screenshots.” What does that actually mean? George explains, I don’t like reviewers taking shitass ugly shots. Use the official ones. I don’t think they should have the power to cost me money by taking lame shots, or over-exposing the game, or giving away weapons, bosses, etc…”

So let me see if I read that correctly. George, who has a 911 Strosek Porche, and a Lexus for a “practical car”, doesn’t want to lose money because a website might take a shot of his game from behind the big green curtain? For me, these comments do more to steer me away from Duke Nukem Forever than any lo-res 8bit screenshot. I have to wonder what it is about DKF that Mr. Broussard is afraid we might see.

So lets say we want to use these official screenshots. Well, you have to sign the EULA. Yes. You heard me. There is a contract agreement to use the official screenshots that contains the following clause: trademarks such as the name of the game cannot be used in a derogatory or defamatory manner, or in any negative context.

Scott Miller has reportedly stated that this clause would not be used to censor critical reviews. Yeah, that’s legally binding. Judges always allow you to use the “yeah I know what the contract stipulates, but he said….” defense.

Comment from 3DRealms has been requested.