Some random notes, because I’m at work and don’t have time to blog, so instead I leave you with links.

Daily Kos: extremely influential left wing blog. When the Islamo-fasicst savages that burned, exhumed and mutilated American “security contractors” were shown on the news, his immediate reaction was “Screw em”. (Oddly enough, also my immediate reaction, although his was directed towards the people running the war and mine was directed towards the people of Iraq)

A good summary of the event, with links on the right wing blogosphere’s fight back (using the pocketbook) is here.

I’ll probably have some commentary later tonight. Or maybe I’ll just play Sacred instead. Mmm, clearing maps. Your takeway thought though – Fallujah was the Mogadishu Moment. On that right and left can probably agree, although the desired result will wildly diverge.