HAMMER TO FALL [Author: wirehead]

The core group that makes up the leadership of KoC (4 members, according to the guild), a guild based on Chesapeake and establishing themselves on Siege Perilous, were banned last night. The only reason Origin gave for banning them was "repeated exploits".

Here’s what DrSoul of KoC had to say:

4 Members of KoC were banned because of the things they owned on SP. We had a tower and a few of our guys had liek 90 somthing magery. Apprently this is Illegal on SP. The tower was bought from a cross shard trade of ches/baja gold for SP gold. I was unaware this is illegal but apprently it is.
Everyone in KoC *including the people who havent played for a few weeks* got an email saying their account was not banded but being inspected simply because they were on the KoC stone.
A lot of people say KoC use cheats, hell if UOA is a cheat program them alot of people are cheaters. People accuse us of cheating duping etc simply because we kill them. Im not going to deny it, KoC has an ego and if we kill you we may say somthing about it and it pisses people off to no end. Basically UO has come down to "You killed me therefor you cheated". Its extremlly sad that its what its come down too.
As for us duping? Thats just an excuse for people to complain about our wealth. Sorry if people didnt have so much on them when they died we wouldnt be so rich.
All in All it basically came down to KoC being a hate guild and the people who we killed cried and complained about dieing and lead to a bunch of complaints.

Could we have been nicer? Yes. Would we have changed the way we acted in the past? HELL NO

Screw OSI :P,

And here’s a message posted on their private guild messageboard:

Tonights Bannings and Dismantling of KoC
by Ezekiel -=KoC=-

posted 12/1/99 10:53:50 PM

This is the letter OSI sent me.. Rather Dry and not much more to it..


Your account is being terminated at this time for conduct that is
detrimental to Ultima Online, the UO community, and the UO service. It is
clear that your actions violated the rules and regulations of Ultima Online
both in a gross manner justifying immediate termination as well as multiple
times necessitating account closure.

I think this will sum it up:
laby you cannot say where this came from, but get off KoC Guildstone. I cannot get into it but OSI is getting upset with KoC. Actually they should have something in their email about it. I would just be safe.

So what do they do? They ban the leader and multiple house owner of this Vicious guild.. Being me, Im banned x2 Both my accounts gone.. Defiance is perma banned to.. Looks like EVERYONE that was on the KoC stone got E-mails warning them that they belong to a guild, basically which causes trouble (Ala MDK) and noone likes. Well.. I don’t know what to say..

They deleted all my houses on Chessy and the KoC tower (Legacy) Will soon fall as well. Is this the end of KoC? It is as far as the abbreviation goes.. I hope everyone still tries to have fun..
I am certain I will never get my account back and I’ll paste why in a minute..But dont give up on Siege.. Get a new Guild Abbreviation, and place a new houses in a good location. Dont give up there.

From what I heard, we had a shitload of complaints that we were ALL mages on Siege, and complaining that our Magery far exceeded what it should have been. And GMs were simply tired of taking our Shit on Chess. So they blanket banned.

Ok guys.. Been a good 2 1/2 year ride.. And remember.. KoC is just an Abbreviation.. I’ll be around.. start a new guild with a new Logo and guildhouse.. Maybe Ed’s castle, Pick a new GM for Chessy.. (Not Ian though)


And, in fact, from all accounts, KoC were no choirboys. Here’s the letter Origin sent the guildmaster (note the laundry list of priors attached):

Hello there,

This is just a friendly note to talk to you about your account. You were flagged due to having an unusually high number of tickets, and reaping huge rewards from this system. We’re not saying that you have exploited the system, just that the amount of items that you collected set off our ‘sensors’.

After looking at your account, it seems that you’ve had other issues in the past. Most notably:

9/14/99 12:07:39 AM –
I emailed this player letting them know they were under investigation for duping

9/11/99 10:09:10 PM –
Character: All World: All
Penalty boxed as part of the dupe investigation (primarily in relation to the upchuck account, which is paid for by the same person/family, and has been seen interacting with this character)

8/4/99 2:19:25 PM –
Character: EZ-Kill World: ches
player was macroing unattended and did not resond to my warning messages, kicked at macro spot, first offense.

3/4/99 2:19:25 PM –
Character: Counselor Ezekiel World: catskills
Counselor Ezekiel De-robed for actions unbecomming a counselor.

1/5/99 11:01:42 PM –
Character: EZ-Kill World: chesapeake
Character gating in monsters to a Seer Event. Asked to stop, gated in more and disrutped the event.

3/25/98 4:05:11 PM –
Character: EZ-Kill World: chesapeake
Character has 180 tactics and 130 Swords, Character Deleted ban pending.

2/19/98 6:30:47 PM –
Character: ezekiel World: chesapeake
Character known user of the dupe bug, helping test with IGM Staff. Has an extreme amount of items still.

1/17/98 4:30:37 AM –
Character: ezekiel World: chesapeake
player suspected of recalling into houses by placing rune on steps, logging out/in and recalling into door. player has been seeen doing this with Silentbob, who at this time is not in dilbert obj id #-3011941 account #-449112

1/5/98 8:16:53 AM –
Character: ezekiel World: chesapeake
Player using program called "stathack" to kill players hidden against walls.

12/22/97 11:13:40 PM –
Character: ezekiel World: chesapeake
Player blocking entrance to Despise while firefielding it. Warned to stop, came back later was still doing it.

We just wanted to let you know that your account has come under review, and this is a friendly warning to make sure that you stick to the ‘straight and narrow’ path. Further reason to scrutinize this account in the future could potentially lead to account suspension or termination. We’d rather not have to follow this course, so we figured we’d just give you a little "head’s up" to let you know that we were checking on this account.

Thank You,
UO Account Administrator

As always, the plot thickens. Remember the suspicion of money laundering
Siege involving Tradespot? Here’s a tip someone sent me that may help you connect the dots:

Guildmaster of KoC Ezekiel is also known as Snooze on SP "Second account". remember your rares items for sale? Who bought em? Also the GM of KoC sold SUN duped items for his friend on e-bay.

Those are the facts as we stand. Now for supposition, rumor and innuendo. You know, what we here at LumCo do best.

Chesapeake went down several times last night, while all this was going on.

Origin has said that the shards have been, and continue to be, under Denial of Service attack. ("nuking").

And I got this email.

i was at around at koc tower when this happened, gm lint was stripping down the koc tower items inside while we were locked outside. around this time chesa server dropped 2 times and on cob it says it was due to dos attack. then i mentioned to my friends around. "they did some more nuking" gm lint that was just at tower working on the tower says says "i got you ip" For me that is no way to treat a customer. its more like a threat. she assumed from the words i said that I nuked chesapeake.

instead of readily presenting herself and inquiring, she never identified at first OSI employee and her first words were "i have your ip". I totally lost my patience with gms by then, and i became somewhat rude. i was jailed, only then gm lint appreared as a "character". she kept saying she never assumed that i nuked chesa, however she was very willing to get my ip number, and jail me. i was horrified with this kind of treatment to a person, she just said "she was only questonning". because of this i know she thinks i nuked chesapeake. only then when i said "you were listening to a private conversation and you know nothing that was going on and she was interpreting things" she noticed her mistake because she didn;t hear the full story. she tried to apologize. i mean if she didn’t think i nuked chesa, then why the hell would she get my ip and and jail me?

she could have just cordially ask about , but she had to come with a threathening attitude by saying "i got you ip". c’mom a paying customer needs to be treated better then that. I got a clean log, maybe i have 1 macro warning but that is about it for all my uo life since the beggingin of uo. maybe because i’m friends with koc so they by default think that way by association?

So obviously, Origin suspects KoC is involved in the attacks on the shards. Are they in fact responsible? I don’t know. If OSI had proof I’m pretty sure we’d all hear about it by now. On the other hand, they may also be collecting information for prosecution; DoS attacks aren’t something you get a slap on the wrist for.

As always, more as it develops.