He Offered To Pay Me $100 To Post This

I recently got an email offering $100 to post a guild ad. Unfortunately my price is somewhat higher (note to gold farmers: $100,000 gets you a long, emotional post about how your company is the only ethical choice in responding to poorly designed diku derivative time sink systems! US currency only, please) but you can follow up this post by posting links to your own guild. I mean, other more successful sites have a history of somewhat successful collections of like minded indivuduals coming together to, well, crack jokes in /gu.

Or you can just mock a PvP guild recruiting on a design blog. Your choice, really. At brokentoys.org, we’re all about value.


I’m thinking about starting a PvP-heavy/PvE-lite guild on WoW. Since I don’t want to be a bad neighbor, I’d like to recruit other people from other servers instead of just stealing them from other guilds on the server.

I’m happy to talk about the form it would take. Perhaps something as simple as:

Headline: He paid me $100 to post this…

Do you PvE to gear up for PvP?

So do I. I’m recruiting mature, competitive and analytical PvPers, their spouses and good friends for a new guild on the Bleeding Hollow PvP server.

I explain my plans for my PvP-heavy/PvE-lite guild here. To establish my credibility, I offer other people’s opinions about my trustworthiness and PvP abilities here.

I am accepting people based on their love of PvP, their maturity and their ability to think analytically; I will consider the application of anyone who can demonstrate all three of those traits. This includes level 1s who had to reroll because they couldn’t transfer to the server.

I’m not looking for warm bodies; be prepared for a long application process. As a PvP guild, I have no pressure to recruit specific numbers of a certain class. I’m going for quality, not quantity.

Must have:
Windows-based Ventrillo
Must be able to available for guild activities Sunday afternoons into early evenings.

No really. He paid me $100 to post this.

(Note: not really. Remember, tongzhi, bidding starts at $100K American!)