Warning: this is a teeny tiny rant. Very little attempt will be made to justify the following statements, but remember, it’s not the size of the rant, it’s how you use it.

Since we’re closing anyway, I’ve lost all motivation to make long, well thought out articles that delve deep into the psyche of gamers. (Yah, shut up – I don’t care if you think I never have done that type of article. Don’t make me ban you! Oh wait, I don’t do that. Don’t make me give you a wedgie.) Well, not really, but it’s a good excuse to take inane little pot-shots at pet peeve issues. THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! I CAN WRITE WHATEVER I WANT!

Ok. Here it is. The teeny tiny rant. Ready? WTF is up with those people who feel compelled to role play some other word for “level” than “level”? Blah Blah in his 21st Season. Yadda Yadda of the 32nd Circle. Don’t these people realize that there is no inherent difference among these terms? That “level” is as usable an RP word as anything else? That “seasons” do not directly indicate proficiency in your profession even in a purely RP context? That it’s actually more fiction-breaking to have 2000 retards running around inventing their own little word for levels, making everyone think “Uh… what?” every time they hear some lame new derivative?

And now that I think about it, who’s that idiot that keeps pushing that “PIG” term on us when everyone uses “MMOG” now? So what if he brought it up as a needed alternative to “MMORPG” (as stupid an acronym as you can imagine). The point is, there’s a new standard and “PIG” ain’t it. What a jerkoff. Somebody tell him to get with the program.

This teeny tiny rant was brought to you by the letters bite me.


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