Warning: this is a teeny tiny rant. Very little attempt will be made to justify the following statements, but remember, it’s not the size of the rant, it’s how you use it.

What the hell is up with the in-game survey concept? Is it the result of a sekrit skweril plot that every option on their little surveys somehow be just twisted enough that you don’t want to pick any of them? Is it some kind of deliberate torture? Does anyone else feel like the choices are usually shit, chocolate covered shit, or a shit sandwich?

And why, in an industry fueled by the smarts of programmers and database designers, is it so difficult to ask questions in a manner that meaningfully identifies who’s answering them. Cross-tabulation anyone? If you’re going to ask question A, then ask questions B and C at the same time and then figure out which segments of your customers are answering how!

And display the results. What are we, chopped liver? We’d like to know how it turns out too, you secretive bastards!

Every single time I see one of these surveys I’m struck by what a wasted opportunity it is. Nice job. You have collectively pushed the standards of how to do effective customer/market research back to a level first achieved by the infamous 5th grader’s note:


Do you like me? Check one!

( ) Yes!

( ) No!


This teeny tiny rant was brought to you by the letters E, Q, U, O, A and C. Oh yah, and F and U.

(charming smile)


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