In case that first paragraph on the front page didn’t clue you in I’m PISSED. Pissed as much at what was done – as the way it was done – I hate stealth changes.

What has me so upset? My favorite zone in the game is now totally trashed for the relaxation purposes I used to put it to.

What zone is Lum always bitching that I spend all my time in? All together now – UNREST.

What happened? Well lemme tell ya what happened.

I hadn’t played EQ in nearly 2 months because I’ve been beta testing DaoC. When the new tailoring changes came out I thought – k, I’ll log on again – at least till there is more in DaoC to test in the areas I’m interested in. Meet a young paladin in Crushbone – help him for awhile – nice guy, and then he levels and asks if there is anywhere else we might go – of course – I say Unrest – my own personal home away from home.

Get there – wolf up. Now, my druid is level 40. With wolf form I used to be able to do pretty much anything I pleased in there, after all I’m FREAKING LEVEL 40 – I earned it. One of my very most favorite things to do in Unrest was impress newbies by pulling – with a combination of wolf form being indifferent – my level – and harmony on occasion. This was incredibly relaxing and fun for me. Unrest IS fun when you aren’t dying or getting chased out every 3 minutes by a train. And note – druids were the ONLY class that could get by with this – this was the ONE FREAKING ZONE in the WHOLE world that a druid

could actually shine at BEING a druid. Sorry – I don’t consider solo quad kiting in the middle of nowhere as either fun OR social.

So what happened? They stuck factions back on mobs – wolf form is now totally and completely worthless in there unless you have never killed a mob (since the change) and just wanna sit and watch I guess. Now – once upon a time, LONG ago, Unrest did have factions – but they went away – why are they back now?

I am so sick of this – this is not the first time they’ve stealth

nerfed wolf form with various NPCs.

The one zone I could really go and shine at being a sociable druid – have FUN – and help OTHER PEOPLE have fun, totally shot to hell.

Yeah, I’m still pissed.

Unrest pathing has ALWAYS been buggy as hell. What in heavens name were they THINKING? Why don’t they just stick a big freaking CLOSED sign at the zone?

Earth to Verant – forcing me to zone every 3 minutes or dying is NOT FUN.