When I think PK and PvP in the MMP environment, the first thing that pops into my head is, “Getting ganked by a dozen thirteen year olds named “UrPimpYo” and “WhozYoDaddy,” being looted, and possibly sodomized.” Then comes along a situation like that is currently happening on the Darktide PvP server of Asheron’s Call that makes me think that perhaps I’m too closed minded about it.

As I reported this week, Bael’Zharon is running free on Dereth, buffing or slaughtering hundreds at whim. What has me so surprised is the complete 180 that is taking place not only by the players, but Bael’Zharon himself, especially and most specifically, on Darktide. It seems, much to my amazement, that the people are actually… get this… RolePlaying.

If you remember the article from a couple days ago, you’ll know how disappointed I was with the players and Bael’Zharon. Well, let’s take a look at the real Bael’Zharon:

“Bael’Zharon says, “Blood, today I will take you under me — but be wary, cross me even once, and I, with the help of the Great Master shall cause you more pain than you can bear.”

“Blood,” one of the largest, if not the largest PK Monarchy on Darktide has sworn allegiance to the demon Bael’Zharon. Take a look at the groundbreaking moment for yourself:

It gets even better. Asheron himself has begun to make an appearance and speaking to monarchs on all servers.

On Darktide, where politics have always been part of the gameplay, this is adding a new dynamic. Rumor has it the “anti PK’s” will be joining forces with Asheron, if possible, and halving the community into the fight of “good and evil” that I always thought it should be.

Notice the people kneeling, saying, “Show respect,” asking each other to “Stand back.” These can’t possibly be the same people that camp lifestones and murder newbies as soon as they appear at starting towns… or can they? It can’t be possible that this proves my point that if Bael’Zharon RolePlayed, it would encourage even the lamest of lamerz to as well? I think it does. Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps it’s only happening on Darktide where there are consequences, and the kids can’t run around screaming “trubine u r fuked” in safety at the first site of this demon.

Quite honestly, when I was first reading up on these events, the only thing that was crossing through my mind was, “This is some cool stuff.” Darktide has redeemed itself in my eyes, and gone a long way to change my jaded views on MMORPG PvP. I want to applaud these guys, and wish them luck on what will undoubtedly be a bloody, fantastic battle. Kudos, gentlemen.

Oh, and before I leave you in the hands of a comments thread, I wasn’t quite sure if I had infringed on any Stratics Copyright by mistake, or possibly read the Copyrighted thoughts of a Stratics Employee by accident, so just to make sure that I cover all my bases, here are a few links to them.