HEY! A GIANT RAT! WHAT… A SURPRISE! [Author: Lum the Mad]

Thanks to, um, “headlikeanass” (Name filter. Gotta make one.) on our forums, we now have the first, and as far as we know last product of MicroGenesis online for your downloading pleasure.

The product? WarWizards 2, by Brad McQuaid, Steve Clover and Milo Cooper.

I think all three of these folks are at another company now, so you might have a hard time sending in your $30 shareware fee if you enjoy the game.

The game does work amazingly well for being written in the Mesozoic Era of PC games (1995); select “Sound Blaster” for your sound card and it should actually bleat sound at you. Regrettably, I was unable to get mouse support working for the game which meant that the first hordes of giant rats munched on poor Fred the Warwizard for dinner. Maybe DOS mouse drivers would work; didn’t help me much since I doubt there’s many DOS mouse drivers for the cordless MS Intellimouse.

As always, your mileage may vary. Do not blame Lum the Mad Industrial Services Ltd. if your computer blows up due to playing WarWizards 2. No, we don’t know where you can download ShowWarWizards.

File: Download WarWizards 2 for the IBM PC 486 or above (1.75 MB). Don’t whine to Brad if you have a 386. He does NOT want to hear about it.