Hey, Look, Players, Let's Throw Things

So I spent Saturday night helping out at an NCsoft Meet & Greet. Note that NCsoft events tend to be excuses to give away LOTS OF STUFF. Because I have a shiny new toy, pics!

I spent most of my time playing crowd control for the line for the Lineage 2 swag line. I was totally unnecessary as the crowd was pretty well behaved; a PK-enabled society is a polite society. From left, Jessica Folsom (community coordinator), Tim Tan and Sam Han (producers).

Also present were the Defuser, an Austin police officer who moonlights as a superhero, and Ghost Widow, whose secret identity is Bethany Baldwin from NC Support. They almost came to blows, oh noes!

Luckily, Ghost Widow was distracted by a small baby.

The Tabula Rasa team were also out in force and were pretty well mobbed the whole time, mainly because some guy in a uniform showed up. Next to him signing posters is Starr Long, Tabula Rasa’s producer.

Not to be outdone — *never* to be outdone — were the irreverent Dungeon Runners contingent, Mark Tucker and Stephen Nichols.

Clearly, they were taking their job as seriously as ever.

Kyle Stewart, US Lineage 1 producer.

April “CuppaJo” Burba and Richard “General British, SIR!” Garriott take questions about, um, Ultima 4. LOOK, EXPLOSIONS!

About this time, I was pretty tired.

However, when given the opportunity to throw things at players, I apparently caught a second wind. (Pics courtesy of fans not busy ducking)

Anyway, a great time and lots of phat lewt was had by all, upon which I went outside and found out my car had a flat tire. YAY.