HIT AND RUN 4/6/2001 [Author: Lum the Mad]

Red Herring discovers online games, thinks they’re keen. Check the article, or better yet, just check The Chosen or Quarter to Three for summaries.

They make many interesting claims, such as EA developing a Lord of the Rings MMOG and Activision developing a Star Trek MMOG, and that Everquest generates $4.50 a month profit from every outstanding account (with over 330,000 accounts, that means Verant officially makes “a buttload of cash monay”). Then again, they said that someone named “Brad McQuade” worked there, so take it as you will.

Betas betas betas: If you’re looking to get free games – er, to assist in the hard, grimy scutwork of debugging games in development, Blizzard is offering beta slots for their Diablo II expansion, and Mythic is offering beta slots for the rollout of the Viking marauders – otherwise known as Beta 3 of Dark Age of Camelot. You probably have a better chance at the Mythic beta, which means “slim” as opposed to “none”. We’ve taken a pretty good look at Beta 2 of DAoC already (“oooh, purty”), and my better half’s preview of the game will be posted this weekend.

Goddamit, we DID invent the Internet and we’re TAKING IT BACK: the Democrats, obviously stumped that last year’s appeal to “people too stupid to correctly use a ballot” failed, are aiming their sites a bit higher, at the high ping bastards of the online gaming community. That’s right, Richard Gephardt and Tom Daschle are promising a free DSL modem in every pot! We at LtM would like to remind you that the Internet really shouldn’t be democratically open to all. Those who disagree are welcome to log into any random AOL chatroom. We at LtM would also like to note that Richard Gephardt is technically a scary alien from space.

The Universe is coming to an end, and we’re OK with this: Just in case you forgot about Glitchless (Eminem did – “Forgot about Dre” was originally supposed to be “Forgot about Jeff”, but then Mr. Mathers got banned from Stratics IRC, and well, you know how it goes) they’re here, in your face, with Race War Kingdoms ad banners. Once again, truth is far stranger than anything I could ever make up…