– Wired News begins a news story with the following: “Peter Ludlow’s expulsion from The Sims Online may well be the highest-profile player ban in the history of video games.

It’s certainly the most self-publicized, at any rate – and if nothing else, teaches MMO companies that if you ban an academic for discovering, shockingly, that people engage in cybersex in MMOs, they’ll show up in the New York Times and the Daily Show will make fun of them. Way to stick it to the man! In Cyberia! Information wants to be free! And stuff! Open source MMOs! It’s a radical idea! No one has ever thought of it! (inhales sharply) Groovy.

World of Warcraft has now sold over 158 quadzillion copies and has 973 servers up, all of which will make you turn off the General chat channel after 3.2 seconds in Durotar. (Note, some of these figures are approximations). Now DANCE!

– Why are you reading this? You could be playing PIRATES!