PvP testing began in Dark Age of Camelot today, with a special zone added to begin working out the various kinks in the system. As Lori Silva, DAoC Mistress of the Dark tells us,

Please note that this is the INITIAL implementation of a system that will take the entire rest of the project to tweak until it “gets right”.

I’d tell you more, but then I’d be killed. BY BIG BLUE TROLLS.

There’s this other game with PvP in development too! Did you know that there was a game called Shadowbane in development? I certainly didn’t! Maybe they need to start hyping their game a little so people will talk about them! Anyway, Warden, Shadowbane’s Stealth Ninja Of Upper Management, answered a question about trade skills in Shadowbane with the following comment:

I don’t want to bake bread in these games, I play to crush.

No, dammit, that’s not right. Hmm, maybe:

Carnage.Net [now Shadowbane] is based primarily on one fundamental principal; You’re not really having fun unless you’re humiliating someone else.

NO! NOT RIGHT EITHER! THOUGHTCRIME! DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD! Ok, I’m better. Anyway, in the new, shiny, happy Shadowbane universe, Hello Warden and Hello Kitty combined to bring you this quote on, lest we forget, trade skills:

Well, we still aren’t fans of tedious ‘click, click, click, produce’ style tradeskills — but we do have an economy system planned (strangely enough, as a subset of guild sieging!) and details on that will be coming soon to a theatre near you… hold your horses, I’m almost sure you’ll be impressed.

You hear that? He’s almost sure you’ll be impressed. Given the previous gyrations in Shadowbane Thought, I guess a certain fear of commitment is understandable now. But that’s why he’s in marketing, and you’re just sitting there staring at your peen. Or, if female, someone else’s. Unless you’re that way. Which is perfectly all right. In that case, Shadowbane has trade skills.

And finally, we’ll just GUESS that Middle Earth will have PvP, what with, you know, all the War of the Rings going on and whatnot. Here’s a story from Red Herring that’s as good a guess on where Middle Earth Online stands as any we’ve seen.

Hey, maybe Hanson Online has PvP. Now THAT would r0x0r.