Verant must have picked up on the habit of its players calling their characters “toons”, because they’re going into the funny paper bidness. Stomped interviews Jim Lee, founder of Wildstorm Comics and artist for X-Men and other comics I would probably recognize were I to actually read comics and Brad McQuaid, who does some games here and there, about their new comic book that Lee and McQuaid are co-authoring.

If I recall correctly, we were talking with Jim, who is a big EQ fan, and the topic came up. We all pretty quickly agreed a comic based on EverQuest would be very cool, and so we moved forward from there.

Movies? TV shows? Lunchboxes? The world at large is not safe from elven cheesecake any longer, bucko. And you know that way lies madness and panic in the streets. We must stamp this menace out quickly! For the children.

Quarter to Three is reporting layoffs at theglobe.com, parent company of Computer Games magazine, Happy Puppy, and CDMag.com. The press release says that the offline publishing arm of theglobe.com won’t be affected, which no doubt made all the web people feel all warm and fuzzy minutes before being summoned to get their severance packages.

Qt3 is also pissed off at Fatbabies, which makes us happy puppies. Apparently Fatbabies (who in the past have, um, used our site for research purposes used Qt3 “for research purposes” as well. But it’s all good, because they consulted a lawyer, and they said it was OK to steal other people’s work as long as you give a full apology to the Chinese military. Or something.

And finally, just in case you were confused about what all the dot-coms are going to do now that ad banners are broken, CNN found out that Yahoo is selling pr0n.