HOLY CRAP HE’S BACK!!!! [Author: hedron]

Hedron was on the spot to interview Lum immediately. It’s a good thing that he was… because it looks like Lum already changed his mind and removed his material. But damnit, I preserved it!

Hedron: I need to interview you. I warn you in advance that I may make up some of your answers to suit my own needs.

Hedron: 1) Those new articles are some of the most controversial work we’ve seen out of you yet, while still observing your own personal ethics regarding conflicts of interest. What was it that drove your recent return as a poster to LTM?

Lum: I dropped my glass of water on the floor.

Hedron: 2) Was there some deeper philosophical meaning to the dropping of your water that lead to some epiphany about the world’s need for your commentary?

Lum: All your base are belong to us.

Hedron: 3) Lum – some readers may have actually missed your fleeting return. In what ways would you compare your evanscent return to commenting with Michael Jordan’s brief yet orgasmic return to basketball?

Lum: I hope to someday assume ownership of the Washington Wizards as well.

Hedron: 4) Will there be more forthcoming material as cutting edge as this latest foray, or have we seen the last of your wit for some time?

Lum: That depends on how difficult it is to defeat the firewall at my new employer, whomever they may be.

Hedron: 5) If you could offer a word of advice to the readers out there on how to best catch your next updates would it be “refresh quickly and often?” or something more profound?

Lum: I recommend coding a bot that automatically queries the LtM webserver 3000 times a second looking for new updates. I don’t think that should impact the overall site performance any.

Hedron: 6) Do you think the creators of the game “Test” will be angry with you for using your former site as a bully pulpit from which to browbeat those who may soon be competitors to whatever project you end up on? I mean… telling people to ignore Test completely seems inflammatory…

Lum: I guess they should have hired me, then…

Hedron: 7) Is it true that “Test” is only the development name of that game, and that it will be released as “Test of Icles”? And what were your sources for such an early alpha look at this game?

Lum: Well, as the first PvP game requiring you to actually use the FuFme interface combined with revolutionary electroshock technology, it will really seperate the men from the boys. Or seperate something from the boys, anyway.

Lum gave indications that it might be awhile before he can work up this kind of inspiration again.


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