HOW TO SELL ON EBAY [Author: Buur]

For example, check out this recent eBay auction for 1000 platinum pieces:

Buy my time in getting yourself 1000pp for free. Bid on one unit of time and get 1000pp for free for every unit of my time you purchase. Each unit of time is listed at $20 per unit as start bid. Can deliver to Greater faydark, butcherblock, freeport, commons and north karanas at stone bridge. Please allow 5 days for checks to clear. I accept visa/mastercard payments via Payment must be recieved within 5 days as of close of auction or I hold the right to refuse sale after the 5 days have expired. Check out my user feedback for buyer security and check out my other auctions going on right now!! GOOD LUCK!!! Disclaimer: *Note, I am auctioning a *service* of acquiring the above item(s). You will be paying me for the *TIME* I spent *acquiring* the item(s). Once payment is received, I will deliver the item(s) to you in game for *FREE*. LEGAL ISSUES: I am selling the TIME I invested only. I am not selling any proprietary interest of Verant Interactive. What you are buying is the time I spent; time which is solely my property and to which Verant holds no claim. If any term(s) in the above bid documents makes this statement ambiguous, this statement prevails to the extent of such ambiguities. In other words, I AM SELLING A SERVICE By Bidding on this property, you acknowledge the following: You (the Buyer or Bidder) are not an employee of, independent contractor of, nor in any way related to Verant Interactive or any company or individual acting on the behalf of Verant Interactive. You (The Buyer or Bidder) are not bidding on this item to obtain information about the seller. You are making a Good-Faith bid for the purchase of the time spent to collect, handling and time use to deliver.

This type of auction will work for a while. I should know, I won one by accident. Verant will soon stomp these out too, though. In the meantime lets give the players some credit for coming up with ways to screw with the system.

Oh, and if you want some commentary on eBay, just go read Riprend’s. I agree with him.