Newsletter to Red Dragon Software, Inc. shareholders

This letter is to update you on Red Dragon Software, Inc.\’e2\’80\’99s progress in completing Rune Conquest.

You are aware of the problems we ran into after we found out in January, 2000, that our original programmer, Chris Anderson, had defrauded Red Dragon, had put up images from other copyrighted games, and claimed those images as having been designed by Red Dragon. While we immediately dismissed Mr. Anderson, and have pursued legal action against him, his actions gave Red Dragon a terrible image in the gaming community. As a result, we have withdrawn from the gaming forums and are quietly working on the programming of Rune Conquest, this time with programmers with substantial credentials.

Compensating those programmers for their work, and covering other expenses of Red Dragon is the responsibility of Pure Stroke Golf. Pure Stroke\’e2\’80\’99s funding of Red Dragon has been delayed, interestingly enough, by the very same individuals who cried “fraud” and “scam” when we learned of Mr. Anderson\’e2\’80\’99s defrauding the gaming community.

As a guaranteed beta tester, I thought you might help me out with a problem that has come up. Our troubles with Mr. Anderson have carried over to Pure Stroke Golf, in that customers and affiliates of Pure Stroke have come across derogatory comments about myself and Pure Stroke when they search “Pure Stroke Golf” on the internet. For example, if you go to “Yahoo”, then enter “Pure Stroke Golf”, you\’e2\’80\’99ll find at least two “articles”, TALE OF THE DRAGON and $1,000 IN STOCK REWARD.

Why are these articles having to do with our problems at Red Dragon listed on the internet when golfers inquire about Pure Stroke? That\’e2\’80\’99s a good question. The derogatory comments have to do with Red Dragon Software, and my son\’e2\’80\’99s game, Rune Conquest, which is understandable, considering Mr. Anderson\’e2\’80\’99s fraud and misrepresentation. Nowhere is there a complaint against Pure Stroke Golf.

My attorney and I have come to the same conclusion. These two articles are listed because the individuals behind those articles are attempting to defame and slander my reputation, and the reputation of Pure Stoke Golf. These actions are deliberate, and have damaged my golf company.

What is interesting is that these individuals who complain that Rune Conquest is not completed and available to the public to play are the individuals who are responsible for the delays in completing the game. Why? Because Red Dragon\’e2\’80\’99s money comes from Pure Stroke Golf, and interfering with Pure Stroke\’e2\’80\’99s income also interferes with Red Dragon\’e2\’80\’99s progress on the game! It\’e2\’80\’99s that simple.

So who out there is behind the slander of Pure Stroke Golf and myself? Any suggestions as to who the culprits are would be appreciated. If you have any suggestions as to how we can remove the articles pertaining to Red Dragon from the search engines when “Pure Stroke Golf” is entered under “Search”, I\’e2\’80\’99d like to hear those suggestions.

Pure Stroke recently negotiated a sizeable sale of common stock, to raise money for Pure Stroke\’e2\’80\’99s expansion, and with a large percentage of those funds earmarked to go into Red Dragon for programming expenses. The broker handling that stock sale backed out after one of his investors came across the two (Lum and Ezboard) articles when looking up Pure Stroke Golf on the internet. Those funds would have easily completed Rune Conquest.

The individuals responsible for keeping the “Lum” and “Ezboard” articles up and visible on various search engines, when a golfer searches for “Pure Stroke Golf”, are costing you and Red Dragon in time and money.

Your ideas as to how we can combat these individuals are welcome.

Take care.

Pete Baumann

Nevermind the fact that with each passing day, more people are reporting that they have not been issued a refund -or- a T-shirt and printed map. Somehow, one website has managed to completely foil his good hearted attempts at funding his game. Somehow, by posting THE TRUTH, we have done something wrong. Somehow, the fact that typing Pure Stroke Golf into yahoo.com and seeing a link that says “… Neither Pure Stroke Golf, nor Red Dragon Software exist as corporations in the state of California.” is illegal and we are somehow responsible.

FACT: The author of that investigative report made a good faith investigation and was unable to find any official registration in the state of California for any company named Pure Stroke Golf.

FACT: Rune Conquest promised the world and delivered excuses, all the while, offering discount coupons for golf clubs when you paid Fifty bucks and became a future beta tester.

FACT: I offered an opportunity to Pete Baumann to clear the air several times in the past month and a half, when he brought his yahoo concerns to my attention. All I asked for was an update on Rune Conquest and an interview with some of the developers.

FACT: Peter Baumann ignored these offers and issued a threat of legal action unless we removed any articles that mention Pure Stroke Golf.

Sorry Mr. Baumann but you were the one who came out and pushed golf clubs in our faces. You were the one who openly made the link, and you were the one posting on all those discussion boards (which, I’d like to point out are in no way associated with this website).

And finally Mister baumann, if you require personal information about me, you don’t have to solicit your “shareholders” for espionage. You can email me the contact information for your legal representative and I will give him whatever information about me he requires.

But just remember – full disclosure is a two way street.