Another day, another pitstop in the Lord British Revival Tour. Today’s stop is at cdmag.com, where Ciny Yans talks to the once and future king about his imperial plans.

I began to play any online experience I could and was not very impressed. The online market has a long way to go.

A lot has changed in the games industry over the last couple years. Are you worried about not knowing what the market expects these days? Do you feel at all as though you’ve been “out of the loop?”

I knew that if I stayed out too long that would be the case. Strangely, the “state of the art” thinking seems to have progressed little. (Sadly) However, it has been great for me to sit out and rejuvenate, and think about the craft. I believe devoutly that my thinking has evolved in a healthy way. I feel more confident I can create the right next generation plan.

Oh, and just in case you thought Garriott had a sanity implant or something while he was away:

I own/am Lord British. A New Britannia shall rise!

I purchased Lunakhod 21 from the Russians. I am now the world’s only private owner of an object on a foreign celestial body. Though there are international treaties that say no government shall lay claim to geography off planet earth, I am not a government. Summarily, I claim the moon in the name of Lord British!