I Didn't Make Any Of This Up

Making Games, By EA’s John Riccitiello:


Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello says the current economic climate is “a blessing in disguise,” because it will force the industry to rethink stagnant attitudes and methods — and lead to “clearing away” some of the “junk” that currently fills gaming retail shelves.

“Junk is hard to compete with,” said Riccitiello frankly.

“I’m not pro-recession,” EA’s Riccitiello was quick to add, “but to quote Rahm Emanuel: never waste a crisis.”

“We did get fat in too many places. It seemed like anyone who could draw a guy with a gun with a crayon could get funded.”

But Riccitiello cautioned the audience of game industry execs against simply cutting head counts, closing facilities, and reducing risk. “That’s a recipe that you follow at your peril,” he said.

Electronic Arts: We Create Irony.