So basically, as you may know, Dr. Twister has always been about bugs. Big bugs, small bugs, bland bugs, bugs with flavah — he likes them all. Its been his dream to bring you a bug database. He even approached gaming companies for help in this endeavor. Well that’s what he says anyway. Really I can’t make this stuff up.

Over the past several months, we have been developing an Online Bug Database, that I approached the Developers of various MMORPGs with back during E3. This database has never once been completely ready to go public, thus I never was ready to make the announcement. The much-guarded secret however escaped when x-reporters and the IGN deal came about.

However, this bug database, known as “Bug Alert” (The original name of my first web site), is the root of all that is happening at DTN right now. See, I basically realized that the bug database was something I felt extremely passionate about. It’s something that I believe will bring great good to the gaming industry while at the same time, bring back bugs to DTN in a way that I was never truly able to accomplish when I had first started this network three years ago. It’s back to my original founding that I had to go in order to realize what decisions I was being faced with.

And you thought he didn’t care. Shame on you. See?! He cares deeply. I find it hard to believe that the “Developers [sic] of various MMORPGs” didn’t spit in his face when he approached them with the idea of a bug database back at E3 (especially since I was of the opinion that he spent the majority of his time stalking Lum) but you know if he says it, it must be true. It has to be every Developer’s [sic] dream to have a database around where any Tom Dick or Twister can log in to find out how to wreck the game. Woot!

I’ve written IGN for comment about this rumor (I know I should go to the ex-Dr.Twister-writers for comments but just this once I think I’ll break with tradition and go to the source) and they haven’t had time to reply yet but if they do reply I’ll post it here. Ciao!