Because it’s all about convergence… or synergy… or some buzzword or another.

I have the worst luck with Windows Pocket PC PDAs. Palms? Last forever. I just gave a 5 year old Handspring to my stepson last month when I saw him looking for paper. “Paper? What’s that?”

Pocket PCs? They don’t like me. The one I had before this one, it FROZE. No, really. I went out to Colorado over the holidays and the LCD screen …literally …froze. Whoops. So I trolled eBay for one more thingy. Which lasted about 8 months this time. I thought it actually took, and I wasn’t going to freeze it or sit on it or drop it or plug in a cheap keyboard that completely destroyed the sync port. Oh, wait. I did that.

Meanwhile, I’ve had the same cell phone for approximately FOREVER. It works. It’s made for clumsy people like me to drop consistently.

The answer is in this eBay listing. For the price of a Pocket PC PDA I get one built into a fairly rugged cellphone. I’ve been using it now for about a week. It seems to be the answer to my …well, if not prayers, at least pleadings. It calls people. It stores my email. It stores my appointments and nags me about them. It lets me log into IM from anywhere. About the only thing it doesn’t do that my PDA did was emulate a Super Nintendo. Somehow, I’m thinking I can live without that.

So I now have enough toys. And my credit card was very grateful thereof.

Tune in tomorrow when I actually say something about MMOs!