From Korea, land of the morning calm and the evening starcraft, comes this report:

Virtual reality that has been the craze of so many Koreans is moving into the real world _ violently.

Hyon-P, a compound word derived from \’e2\’80\’9chyonsil” (reality) and an online game term “Player Kill’s P,” is spreading among people more involved in their online lives than their real ones.

The 28 students are not the only ones who experienced Hyon-P. Two teenagers scuffled on Kangnam Boulevard, one of the most crowded areas in Seoul, last September after they got into a row on a Web site known for its members’ activeness. Their punches were recorded and uploaded on numerous Web sites, and the footage became one of the most searched-for video clips on portal Web sites.

No word on if Jack Thompson is busily brushing up on his hangul.