I WANT A PONY, BIYOTCH! [Author: Tick]

I guess this means the camp time on JBoots is going to be a lot shorter.

Planar Armor. Feh. Epic Weapons. Bah. A roleplayer cares not for these things. But a horsey? On the other hand, you paladins out there waiting for a chance to buy your own personal Trigger may need to start saving now- they’re not going to go cheap:

You will be able to buy horses from horse traders, for a price-a hefty price. The thought is that they will be symbols of status, and the desire is that the more exotic appearances or higher maximum velocities wll be more expensive.

Apparently you’ll be able to fight on your horse, but the animal itself will be immune to damage (which begs the question of whether it stays with your corpse or comes with you when you re-spawn). Also, races will get to buy horses of various sizes, depending on how big or small they are.

I wonder if they’ll be selling jackasses for those of us who can’t afford 150K platinum for a status symbol…