A couple people thought I was actually taking Gamehut’s offer of hosting this site seriously. One concerned ex-Gamehut site webmaster wrote:

Gamehut is ran by an immature sixteen year old kid who goes by the name of Fool, a name that fits him. He makes money off the sites, which isn’t a bad thing but it comes with consequences. Fool forces upon you a small, yet noticeable, amount of censorship. Bad mouth Dr. Twister, his money maker, he will tell you to remove it, if you do not he will remove it himself. Posting a link to R33T.ORG would suffer the same fate because they host the Anti Twister site. You will have to belive in everthing Fool belives in or take that off your site. I highly enjoy your site and moving to Lamehut would be a bad move IMO. Thank you for your time.

Kind of ironic, considering Fool’s moneymaker just posted a bitch about there’s no free speech in UO. Speaking of Fool’s moneymaker, the speculations on his actual secret identity continue to grow. This person writes:

Lum, first I urge you not to openly mock me and such, as in my current emotional state I could walk to the top of a bell tower… and, well, you get it.

Anyways, if you go to https://www.wtfman.com/mcd/september.htm and scroll down to the date 9/08/99 you will see something about new members, Vader and Shaitan. Now we all now Shaitan is TwisTy’s pet, and if you recall a few months ago, people were saying Tw. Drister was Vader….and GM Darwin said as much in your interview with him… and… well… since the entire WTFman crew prolly knows Dr T….. you get where I’m going? The guild (/m\ on Baja, the Malagents, was Ron’s guild) probably had Twister in it, thus furthering the proof that Twister is a person that would actually name their character after a well known Star Wars character. But don’t quote me on this.

OK, I won’t quote you on it, I’ll just post your entire email verbatim. As for the Ronald McDonald – Twister connection, it’s possible, although I see him as more a Nighthawk henchman myself. I mean, Ron is too funny for Twister, and I’m not saying that just because he’s shamelessly ganking my mojo.