Mary Kay Bergman took her own life this week.

She was a voice actress who, among many other things, did all the female voices for South Park. Her web page was/is here.

This isn’t about South Park – I don’t even get the Comedy Channel, and although you might not guess from the content of this site some days, that sort of humor doesn’t usually appeal to me. The only reason why I noticed it was from a Slashdot story.

What moved me, reading this, was the wild …diversity of reaction, both to the story on /. and on the late actress’ guestbook.

Many behaved as you would expect, with horror, sadness, and the occasional deep, meaningful musical lyric.

And some behaved in a manner that just made me want to hand in my resignation as a member of humanity and go become a bonobo or something.

How selfish can yet another person. Suicide is the most selfless act anyone can commit. The only pain I feel is for her Mommy & Daddy. Selfish bitch

this is another example of how much people worship their entertainment… …bleed and die, yub-yub

Well all of you little egotistical SOB’s making jokes about some lady’s suicide. Hehe, I’m just thinking about how many computer nerds I’ve had come crawling to me contemplating suicide, and complaining why their lives are so bleak. Such a wonderful field this is right now, where your worth as a human being is based on how much techo- bullshit you know. I’ve never met a computer geek who doesn’t have mental problems of their own, and yet they still seem to be able to hide behind a computer and make cruel jokes about someone else’s misery. I don’t think computer dorks are against religion, they just seem to be against sentimentality in general. Anyway I welcome all of you to wallow in your own shit at slashdot. And when that day comes when you don’t understand why nobody likes you and you can’t find pleasure in anything. And that day will come when you think about the easy way out (trust me, spending that much time in front of a computer screen will do it), and you’ll realize what an idiot you are for laughing at suicide. I just wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when you realize it.

Hopefully South Park will go away now.

Of course, those who play ORPGs… those who are online for anything, pretty much, have seen what I like to call the Anonymity Effect. Simply put, it’s when people who normally, I suppose, act very calm, couth and well-behaved in public discover that, online, there are no consequences. They can do what they want, free of meaningful censure. The shackles of propriety and parents and bosses and wives are cut loose, and they are free to behave the way they truly want to behave. And they do.

The players cannot be patched.