IGE: Less Money, Mo' Problems

Virtually Blind has posted paperwork and some commentary from the ongoing Hernandez v. IGE lawsuit.

Remember those vehement, constant insistances that Affinity Media and IGE were totally seperate, really, honest? From the motion to stay filed by IGE (obtained by Virtually Blind):

Defendant, IGE U.S., LLC n/k/a Affinity Media Holdings, LLC, (“IGE US”)

(n/k/a is legalese for “now known as”). I guess “really seperate” means “until you get us under oath”.

In related news, PlayNoEvil points out an article by MMObux, an RMT-friendly news site, cataloging what appears to be the hostile takeover of IGE’s Chinese arm from Affinity.

Atlas is part of IGE by former shareholders more than a year ago after leaving IGE, a corporation organized. IGE them because of their dissatisfaction with Affinity in the direction of development under the leadership chose to leave. These IGE former shareholders understand and are concerned about the massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) market, and thus set up the Atlas, looking forward to this market for popular and urgent demand changes. In Atlas, we attach importance to suppliers and cooperative relationship, and that all suppliers should be given due respect, including by agreement obtain timely payments. Therefore, you are in arrears through the Affinity purchase price incident on our part is not accepted and acceptable.

(My apologies for the Google-generated engrish.)