I’ll jump on this stuff I guess [Author: myschyf]

The Update Center received a few additions today — or yesterday. Well anyway they are new.

Advancement in “non-difficulty” based skills at higher levels and advancement in stats will be improved. The effect of this change will result in fewer required uses of the skill to advance it at high levels and better, more evenly curved stat gains.

The following skills will be affected by the modification to skill advancement:

Animal Lore
Item Identification
Arms Lore
Evaluate Intelligence
Spirit Speak

Stat advancement will now raise at a more constant, consistent rate. All skills will raise their appropriate stats (including combat skills) and you will be able to gain stats consistently regardless of the level of the skill, rather than only when reaching a high level in that skill.

Each skill will raise its appropriate stats. For skills that raise multiple stats, some stats are weighted more heavily than others. Therefore, stat gains from skills such as these will be based on how much weight is given to the individual stats. For instance, Anatomy will raise INT more often, though it still has a chance to raise STR and DEX.

Well isn’t this special? We’ve only been begging for this for 2.5 years. Its nice to see it, I just wish we had not had to wait so long for it. I guess its better than never.

In further news from The Update Center dexterity and healing, a match made in heaven if ever there was one, tied the proverbial OSI knot.

In an effort to balance the Healing skill with other methods of healing damage (such as healing potions and the greater heal spell), dexterity will affect the delay for healing and the penalty for finger slips while healing.

The higher a character’s dexterity, the less time it will take to complete a heal. The amount of healing a character loses due to a finger slip will be reduced with a higher dexterity.

Now if potions would only reflect the degree of skill of the alchemist has we might have balanced healing methods.

These changes are true for healing both yourself and other players. Back