Since he felt comfortable to post this on AC Vault, I feel comfortable enough to put it here. An e-mail from Iluvatar.

Dear Sir,

I was alerted to your article this morning located at While I believe that you have every right to form your own opinions, and even that you have the right to free speech and posting those opinions on the internet, I believe your article may have crossed the bounds between free speech and slandering someone.

The time frame for releasing the bugs had nothing more to do than a marked increase in the number of people publically posing on forums that they had the information, and would disclose it for a price. I’ve never asked for anything for disclosing the information, and my sole purpose was to make sure these bugs were brought to the highest attention. I have given my word to the developers and the admins that I will not disclose anything further. The ones I did disclose seemed to be common knowledge, from most of the response I recieved in teh subway, nevertheless, it did provide me with an opportunity to disclose them all to someone who could do something about it.

As for the allegations of industrial sabotage. That goes too far… WAY too far. We are currently trying to license the rights to use TURBINE’S world engine. That’s right, we’re gonna pay them to use their code base, which means we’ll have these same bugs to work through. You have taken comments of mine out of place and twisted them to put me in light as some dark nefarious character. Why don’t you talk to my monarch or people who play with me on a day to day basis, and see whether I am really this nefarious evil character, or whether just maybe I had good intentions for doing as I did. In either case, your suggestions of this being industrial sabotage are baseless, and border on slander. I would reccomend taking them down to avoid possible legal implications towards you and your site. I’m not trying to make a threat, because you have your rights to post as you see fit; however, please try to keep it outside of slandering me. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even consider when the patch was in making my decision to do something about it. I got tired of seeing honest people being exploited time and again by a few of the scumbags, so I did what I saw fit to do.

For what it’s worth, I would like to apologize to any people who have been hurt by this, and give major props to the admins for being quickly responsive and understanding what I was trying to do. They have not banned me, and they could have if they wanted. I have nothing but respect for the devs and for the admins who have made the best of the first generation MMO’s. Yeah, in a few years, I may be competing with them, but it won’t be AC 1, and my hope is that it’s a friendly competition, with them playing our game, and vice versa. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to let you know my side of things, not sure if I did that, seems more like I ranted. Anyway


Iluvatar of Solclaim