I’ll try to enlighten you in the limited time I have right now.

First a scam, by definition, is intentional, and malicious, but I don’t think it can be done naively. If there is no intention to scam, it can’t be a scam. Anyway, I don’t believe so.

My son did not scam anyone, but he and I did make a poor decision in
believing Chris Anderson when he said he could and would program rune
Conquest by the first of January, 2000. My son and I were definitely naive. Anderson, it turns out, has trouble with reality. [T]o this day I don’t think he believes that he did one thing wrong when he stole my websites, and my son’s website, when he put up copyrighted material on Pete’s website, and when he told us what he could do for us.

Chris Anderson, in my opinion, belongs in a padded room where he can no longer injure honest people.

Pete and I have learned from our poor decision regarding Chris
Anderson. We have secured the services of a professional programming team headed up by two employees within one of our partner’s corporations. We will complete Rune Conquest, but I will not take a chance again on quoting any specific date.

We offered everyone who pre-paid for R.C. their money back, FOUR TIMES. We credited back (credit cards) every single person, even the vast majority who did not ask for a refund, except for about 35 individuals who emailed us and emphatically stated they wanted to remain in the “status quo”, this is, NO REFUND, RETAIN THE BONUSES WE GAVE THEM, AND WORK WITH US IN HELPING TO DESIGN R.C.

To date, only those 35 or so have not been refunded, at their insistence.

[E]very other bit of information that my son and I put on our websites
is the truth. Pure Stroke Golf has always been registered properly,
according to the law, as has Red Dragon. My company, Intertel, Inc. did invent the first cordless telephone in 1971, as well as the first touch pad dialer (push button phone pad that works where there is no tone service, just pulse service; in 1971 that made up 81% of the U.S. and virtually 100% of the rest of the world).

Yet I have read Lum’s work wherein you people have given the impression that our websites are full of falsehoods. If you insist upon “informing” the public, and protecting the public, which are good intentions on your part, then at least point the finger at the proper person. Chris Anderson’s ravings at various forums were his own fabrications. Please don’t be foolish enough to believe most of what he says. The man needs help!!!!!

In closing (please excuse my ramblings; Anderson did us all a lot of harm), to answer your other two questions:

1. Pete Jr. was not at fault. He and his buddies have designed a great game. It was my fault, and my ignorance, that led to hiring Chris Anderson. Therefore, no reason to “punish” Pete.

2. No remorse, because once again, he was not at fault. I do regret ever having heard of Chris Anderson. I was new to the internet and to computer games at the time, and “got screwed” due to my lack of knowledge in those areas.

I hope this clears up a few things. Anything you, Scott, and the rest of your group can do to clear up your previous “misinformation” due to Chris Anderson’s ramblings would be appreciated.

And if I can ever help you with golf equipment, I am one of the best custom fitting experts in that industry.

Take care.