IN EQ I’M A 19TH LEVEL HOTTIE [Author: wirehead]

Topic today is sex. There, figured that’d get your attention.

Check out this story from EQ:

I have a good friend who speaks to me often about the amount of attention she receives with her wood elf druid(s). On one server, a GM (!!!)(and yes, she actually checked for his name on the roster) actually approached her (he at level 50, her at 1) and started to hit on her when she said hi while walking by. They talked for a bit, and before she knew it he was 1) handing over a crap load of stuff and 2) asking her to marry him when she reached level 20. This was after her char had been alive 30-45 minutes, all but 5 of which had been spent talking to this GM. Now I will readily admit she is a wonderful person, and great fun to talk to, but isn’t that a tad early in their “relationship” for engagement?

We’ve talked about GMs cavorting with female players before, but this is a bit much — at least UO GMs try to, you know, actually confirm the person is female in real life first.

EQ is pretty bad about this, though. As a side effect of the generally good graphics, the female characters all suffer from Lara Croft Syndrome. As an object example, take the Half Elf Butt. No matter HOW much armor you throw on a half elven woman, she is suffering from some serious wedgie action. There’s a reason the Nybright Sisters all want to kill you. They HURT. And let’s not discuss wood elves. Especially the ones in leather.

This has an effect. Take this tale of how to win friends and influence people:

This one happened to one of my guild members. She is a rogue and she was playing in Cazic-Thule for a while. Then all of the sudden, she got a tell from one of the guy who was in her CT group offer her a Raven bp [Ravenscale breastplate, rare Rogue-specific magic armor]. Well, it seems wonderful enough. I admited I am so jealous. But later on, I found out something about this raven bp deal. He asked her in order to get the bp, she has to phone sex with him. What a fricken loser. GRRRR. I don’t see why people think Raven is god armor or something. Come on, we already have enough of KS’ers and eBay. Now, PHONE SEX? Mother of God, I want to screw this guy really badddd. AHHHHH. If I can get his name from her, I swear that I would do badddddd things to him. ARHHHHHHHH.

So we’ve established two (well maybe three) things:

(1) Men are scum. (you very rarely see women withholding rare loot for phone sex)
(2) Everquest’s designers were men.
(3) Given (2), see (1).

Of course, there’s the whole men playing female characters thing. I used to think that men did this solely to get free loot from people until I saw this note:

…considering that 70% of the “women” you see are horny young men or dirty old men who toggle their view so they can stare at their wood elf character’s ass…

Well, THAT made me feel creepy in a totally unique way.

And to close, let’s hear from someone who really doesn’t have a problem with any of this…

Hey, but don’t get me wrong I enjoy a nice bout of flirting every once in a while as long as its within it’s bounds. Ladies don’t deprive yourself of having a good time because of some silly horny 15 yr old! Lastly, if the dumb guys wanna give away their stuff, by all means, LET EM’! I say roleplay the HELL out of them… men on the server so much like in RL like getting used sometimes (not speaking for everyone) so take advantage of it!
Ps.. Verant I dont appreciate the silly skimpy outfits the ladies start off with as compared to the males!!! Where are the guys G strings????I say we need EQuality!!