In my frequently ending effort to break out of my

In my frequently ending effort to break out of my writers’ block, we bring you random bits of nothing in particular.


So I’ve been in Virginia for a year now, and, as I put it this morning, “no, I’m not working at my dream job yet. But, you know, I’m working in the same building as my dream job, and how many people get to do that?” As grenadiers can tell you, it’s all about proximity. But this isn’t about work (what do you want to know about work for? I stare at a database client all day. It’s sort of like my last job, except in that job I spent more time blowing off work updating the LtM site) but about the time spent away from work. You know. Out. And stuff.

I live here. That random speck of suburb is called Oakton. It’s in northern Virginia, a few minutes north of Fairfax and work, and about twenty minutes west of Washington DC. This means that if Tom Clancy is right and the Communists are going to return to power somehow and kill us, that in such an event I would be caught in one of the larger nuclear explosions. (Here I’m showing my age – only old farts like me worry about nuclear war, the rage for paranoids of this generation involve Iraqi anthrax, West Nile virii, and Christina Christian being SO ROBBED.)

It does not mean I actually go out and do more. It does mean I have less of an excuse not to. I mean, come on, they have Ethiopian restaraunts here. Every day I spend on my ass playing Warlords Battlecry II is another day NOT BETTERING MYSELF. I’m bettering Xena my Dark Elven Summoner, but that is not even close to the same thing.

When Robbie, my stepson, was here for the summer he would guilt trip me into taking him places. Now that impetus is gone. Hibernation may be an option, depending on my workplace’s attitude towards telecommuting from warm caves.


RPGVault interviewed my boss. Unlike the usual game industry interviews this one actually talks about the company itself. Where I work. And stuff. Damn, I’m a smooth crafter of phrasing. And stuff.


So you disapproved of Karyn? Well, surely you’ll help hook a brother up, no?