The QQ Staff has made numerous phone calls to the police department and all of the funeral homes surrounding the area where Sheyla was reported to have lived. This was not Colorado as reported earlier. The police department told us there had been no suicides or suspicious deaths for a week in that area. None of the funeral homes had any person by the name of Sheyla Morrison or Sheyla Arnold. The Medical Examiners office, that covers 1/3 of the state, advised us that they also had no information on a Sheyla Morrison or Sheyla Arnold.

Note: Sheyla herself said she lived in Colorado according to the chat Runic posted. There is a Sheila Morrison listed in the phonebook in a small rural community there. My own attempts to contact her, the police, newspaper and county coroner there were unsuccessful.

In addition, we have learned from the domain of the IP used to post the “Forest Wind” posting that the IP was stolen and that there have been complaints from their customers of this person using a Trojan Horse Backdoor virus.

The e-mail that Sharac received, that was supposedly the “husband” of Sheyla, was sent via “Private This person was asked to use a valid e-mail to respond and has not done so. This message was sent from the EZ Board account of Tolena. Tolena is the poster that first mentioned the rumor of Sheyla’s death on our boards on Sunday morning and then posted the first “official confirmation” of her death saying she was a friend of Sheyla’s. We have since been told that Tolena was another character of Sheyla.

Please understand that we are not saying that this was a hoax or that Sheyla is alive. All we are conveying is what our investigations have so far come up with. If anyone has some valid information that we could call to confirm the reports of Sheyla’s death, such as an obituary in a paper or a funeral home we could call, we would welcome the information and be happy to check on it further.

More doubt was cast on the story by members of Afterlife, the primary uberguild on Mithaniel Marr, Shayla’s server (the one she played on, not guided on). From their message board came this:

Honestly, I believe that story was fabricated. Sheyla and I were very close a few months ago, and she wasn’t married and didn’t have a child. I’ll call her sister and see what’s going on. Keep you guys posted.

Okay. I got a phone call. It was from a girl who used to be a roommate of Sheyla’s sister. She said that Jolena(who used to play as Tolena on Sheyla’s account) moved out a while ago. She said she would try to get a hold of her for me.

There are some inconsistancies.

For one, the girl I spoke with named Treana said that Jolena didn’t have a sister that she knew of. Treana had no clue of who I was referring to.

Also, I’ve known Sheyla for quite some time and she had neither a husband or a child as stated in the post on Lum’s.

Things just aren’t adding up. I’ll remain skeptical until I read an obituary or hear it directly from Jolena.

Then again, maybe part of me just doesn’t want to believe it…

And, from someone else on the same thread:

now if you all remember, originally there was a flame war on this board dealing with sheyal. And what was she accused of ? she was accused of falsifying her sisters “death” and then raking in sympathy gifts ingame. now personally i dont believe this.

it COULD happen but i severly doubt it.

As for all the links etc, someone could have gone around and complained to ezboard etc etc that all posts containing this person be removed etc etc , due to recent death etc etc.

Meanwhile, Verant has been wiping all posts dealing with this subject as soon as they are posted on their official boards. Guess that’s as much an official statement as any.