In other news, yet another Open House [Author: arcadian del sol]

Yes I’m an updater. Please don’t let my non-Lum status distract you. I am currently 2 semesters into the pursuit of my Associate of Lum degree, for which I’m required by curriculum to serve as an intern. Forward all complaints to The Office of Dean Lum.

As for the topic at hand:
Last night, we were blessed with yet another Open House. For those of you who don’t know, Open House is where we can find answers to some of the most asinine questions to ever percolate from a human brain. Why don’t we use the potty in UO? Why, indeed!
What follows is a summary of last night’s event, including my own little opinions thrust about in machine-gun form.

Q: The 6 month plan is awesome, but can you do fifty thousand other things for us that aren’t on the list, while still getting the list completed in 6 months?
SunSword: In a word: no. To further explain: no.

It would appear that the East Coast connectivity problems are not on the 6 month plan. Atlantic and Chessy should be stable sometime around Easter, one would hope.

Q: Do you plan to take out minor rules in the house placement requirements that are silly, such as grasses blocking placement?
SunSword: We are examining how silly we are at the moment. If we change it, we’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, you will still find yourself unable to push beyond a starling without full stamina.

Q: Will the new PVP/non-PVP zones affect the existing Reputation system?
SunSword: Um, we don’t have a goddam clue. We will eventually let you know as soon as we know ourselves.

SunSword didn’t really say ‘goddam’. SunSword also didn’t really answer the question.

Q: Will you fix monsters so they walk around rocks?
tOAD: yes
SunSword: I can’t answer that

Q: Will new lands be on the map, or a new map like T2A?
SunSword: I can’t answer that.

I believe at this point, SunSword is a channel bot. I can’t confirm that and when questioned later, his answer was “I can’t answer that”

That being just a taste of the session, I have to question the need to stage a “press conference” covering topics you either have no answers for, or cannot divulge the answers you have. If you hold an Open House about the vaunted “Six Month Plan”; perhaps the dev members present should be prepared to answer questions about that particular topic. If they are not able to do so, perhaps another topic is in order. Something like, “Things we won’t even think about until Spring 2000.” Personally, I’m still curious why I can’t run past a starling when a titan and 3 murderers are on my heels.

The answers my friends, are blowing in the wind.
They certainly aren’t here.