INTRODUCTION [Author: lum]

Hail and hello and all that. I am one of the new guys, so I figured that I would introduce myself, and tell y’all that you can now send me rants. Don’t worry I post EVERYTHING, if Darimar is careless enough to let me have a web site, I believe that you can read all the posters. Oh, and send me bugs. Yeah, I’ll post them too.

As for my history, I can tell you I’ve been ranting since day one and I haven’t shut up yet, but thirty four years have passed and I still love running my mouth.

I vow to test all rants that I am sent before posting, even if they turn out to be lame – I shall post them along with my evaluation. Please keep me busy and send me email, as I really have no other life to speak of.

I will do my best to service you the reader with quality rants and ravings that are correct, up-to-date, and informative. I look forward to working here at!