IT WAS ALL A TERRIBLE DREAM… [Author: wirehead]

I was afraid this was what was happening. There is apparently a nasty house exploit out there that allows people to instadecay houses. Origin has rolled back Pacific to 12/24. I’ve heard several reports that houses in Sonoma have been instadecayed as well. Here’s the word from OSI:

Due to a house exploit we have had to revert the Pacific Shard to late in the evening Christmas Eve. The seriousness of this exploit has also required us to disable several of the house commands on all shards. The features we disabled that will be most obvious are the ability to demolish a house and re-deed it, and the ability to transfer ownership of a house. Once we are sure we have resolved this issue with houses we will turn these features back on. If you have any information about this exploit we encourage you to send a message to com . We are very sorry we have had to revert the server and the inconvenience this has caused.