Any resemblance between this rule set and anybody else’s is purely coincidental.

We’ll begin with a quote from Aradune’s disclaimer (hey, everything’s gotta have a disclaimer):

Lastly, before I list the features, I do want to say the following again: This feature set will undoubtedly be controversial. It will also undoubtedly NOT be consistent with many players\’e2\’80\’99 views as to what an RP server or any other server should be. In fact, this is (combined with having less servers overall in the past) why we\’e2\’80\’99ve been hesitant to launch such a server. But we\’e2\’80\’99re going forward with this anyway, and we hope it will make an interesting and even possibly better EverQuest. And we hope that some if not many players will enjoy it.

So while this may or may not be your idea of a roleplaying server, it’s worth a try to see if it’s somebody’s idea of a roleplay server. Okay, with that little detail out of the way, let’s move on to the features:

\’c2\’b7 This is a new server, not a split server. Nor will there be any transfers to this server.

\’c2\’b7 This is a PvE (Player vs. Environment) server, NOT a PvP (Player vs. Player) server. In other words, it\’e2\’80\’99s a standard \’e2\’80\’98blue\’e2\’80\’99 server with the same rules and features regarding PvP as the vast majority of our servers. It is not one of the \’e2\’80\’98Zeks\’e2\’80\’99.

\’c2\’b7 Auction restricted to city zones: Qeynos, Surefall Glade, Highkeep, Freeport, Rivervale, Erudin, Halas, Neriak, Grobb, Oggok, Greater Faydark, Ak’Anon, Kaladim, Felwithe, Paineel, Cabilis, Kael and Thurgadin.

\’c2\’b7 Beneficial buff spells will not work on characters 20 levels lower than the caster.

\’c2\’b7 Very few items will be No-Drop. Exceptions will include things such as newbie notes and epic weapons.

\’c2\’b7 Each character will be assigned an “alignment” upon creation. This alignment will be described in brief on the character creation screen (in the same location the their Deity is described).

\’c2\’b7 Each character will be able to change their alignment once any time after they reach 10th level. The player will be able to chose from a list of alignments based on their race, class and deity.

\’c2\’b7 A character’s alignment will determine whether or not they can group or guild with other characters.

\’c2\’b7 A character’s alignment will determine an experience bonus or penalty when grouping with other characters.

\’c2\’b7 A character’s alignment will determine if they can cast beneficial spells on other characters (including resurrections).

\’c2\’b7 Language skills will improve only through group chat in the same zone and from /say.

\’c2\’b7 Languages will only improve 1 point each hour and will be capped at level*5+5 skill points.

\’c2\’b7 Common will not exist. A Human language will be added and only made easily available to certain races.

\’c2\’b7 One character per account per server.

\’c2\’b7 The Trivial Loot Code will be in effect in all zones.

\’c2\’b7 Bind Affinity will be restricted for all characters to locations where melee characters can bind on other servers.

\’c2\’b7 /emote will be language specific

\’c2\’b7 All characters will be /roleplay.

\’c2\’b7 /alignment will display the alignment of your character and probably a more detailed description of that alignment.

So in summation, you can talk to, group with, buff, heal, teleport, and resurrect people from your own realm- er, faction, but no one else. Further, while you are technically in some sort of conflict with beings from other factions, you are not in a postion to do anything about it, as PvP is verboten. Still further, the trivial loot code that was found to be rather, er… unpopular is in force in ALL zones.

It’s an interesting rule set, but it seems primarily devoted to splitting a typical server population into a few large groups of players that can’t do much more than look at each other. On the other hand, since /roleplaying is largely a mindset versus a rule set, perhaps it will attract those with the roleplayer mindset who don’t wish to be ganked.

Especially since there’s already a game where you can’t talk to a player from another “faction,” but you can kill them.