Just in case you think we hate PKers in UO (we love them, especially when crunchy in milk), here’s a note about a PK guild on Chesapeake that somehow managed to survive the Hammerfall holocaust.

I have been following/watching the large player killer guild J-D (Juevos del Diablo “Balls of the Devil”) for well over a year now. They are far and away the largest PK guild I know of in UO, and the funny thing is they are well liked. They just go about their business, avoid all trash talking and harrassment, and for the most part play with honor. Their leader is Alice Cooper (I saw a letter posted on your site from him recently) and over a year ago he set a goal of 2000 murders by the year 2000. He hit that original goal early and changed it to 3000 by 2000, stating that he doubted he could do it. Well, last night he broke that 3000 mark (I will attach a screen shot from the bounty board). I have no idea how 3000 kills compares to other shards, and like I said I don’t know if you feel it is newsworthy or not. I just think with all the negative things that have happened to PK guilds (MDK, KoC) this makes a statement that the PK is not dead, and under the right leadership with the right players a PK guild can still survive in UO. You should take a look at their guild website for more information and lots of screen shots of them in action.