Ultima Online: Well, there’s only one story today, isn’t there? Thundolfe’s Barnyard over on Stratics has some reactions from persons inside and outside Origin over the Counselor derobing. UO Stratics has screenshots of the monument to Back When We Could Help You With That. Markee Dragon has some reactions up as well. Melantus and Cynthe have been out on spin patrol all day; if you don’t want to sift through the boards yourself Update Journal is a good spot to catch up.

Everquest: Yep, you don’t have to camp the Ancient Cyclops any more: T-Boots can be yours for a mere 5k plat and change from the same vendor that sells tink bags. Necros found out that, um, the vendor doesn’t like them. Absor responded that it wasn’t a nerf, it was a challenge! Still, anything that gets rid of the Worst Quest Ever Put In An Online Game Ever has to be encouraged, preferably with calm, soothing tones. If calm soothing tones isn’t your thing, Tweety’s site is back up. And in case you’ve had too much raging honesty after that, interviews their boss, with questions like “how do you think SOE has set the standard for the future of massively multiplayer online games (MMOLG) that all other companies would follow with the creation of EverQuest?. Boy, now there’s some hard hitting journalism.

Asheron’s Call: One sunny idlyic day, Jesse went to his favorite mage shop to restock his comps. After having a number of different macro scripts, decal plugins, bad client hacks fail to help him in his endeavor to shop quickly and easily, he was doing subtraction for the 50+ comps (math is HARD!) he was buying to see how many he should buy. Right around the powdered amber, he snapped….. . Or, in other words, the AC devs decided to help you avoid the middleman and just get your third party utilities from the first party.

In Dev: New, very detailed map of the Anarchy Online game world Rubi-Ka on AOForge. Richard Garriott announces new company, says he’s working on game. More details? Like he’d tell you.