I know, I know. I shouldn’t be giving him so much attention. Then again, I watch Jerry Springer once in a while too. Seriously — I’ll print the whole mail below, and then summarize, with a minimum of giggling, exactly why this is so sad.


“I can’t let it go? – Lum”

Yes, you did drag my name up again. YOU did, not me. I haven’t done anything as “Senith” in months.

“Yes, she likes my site, thank you for asking.”

I didn’t ask. Or care, actually.

“It’s called humor. Look it up.”

Explain how comparing an employee of a gaming company to a Party of Five regular is funny? See me laughing? No.

“Huh? This is one of those paragraphs you have to be on drugs to understand, I think.”

It wasn’t all that complicated, and for someone who postures themself as being so “educated” and “intelligent”, I thought you’d be able to understand it easily…but here, let me simplify it for you: you are so wrapped up in yourself you think statements made about other people (in this case, Iron Will) are actually directed at you. Is that “simple” enough for your brain to digest, or shall I pass you the LSD? A quick foray into Psych 101 and English 102 would make that sentence pretty elementary…


No, I never said scream his name either. I said “let it go”. I just wonder why you aim your fire at me, when all I did was do the same thing you would have done: made some nasty comments public. Just like
you’re doing now, with my last two e-mails. Your criticism is pretty hypocritical.

“Actually if you read the comments on the first story, they did enjoy reading that one.”

If you really believe that they respect you for taking their praise and shoving it down their throats, you may be a little more confused than you pretend.

“Naw, it just plops in my mailbox right regularly.”

Is that right? How many times is “right regularly”? Once a month? Twice a month? I wonder why people still bring it up…could it be because people like you continue to flaunt it like it’s a battle flag for your cause? Maybe if you’d shut your mouth and quit talking about it for five minutes, people would forget it and let it go.

So here I am, once again, saying the same thing: let it die, and use something else to climb your way into the arms of every desperate child looking for leadership.



OK. One thing jumped out at me, in between the attempts to talk down to me and trying to appear intellectual by adding levels of reference (for example, “Party of Five regular” instead of “Neve Campbell”).

He doesn’t get it.

He is still completely clueless as to what happened. He thinks he did nothing wrong. Hell, he probably thinks he should still be a smurf.

All I did was do the same thing you would have done: made some nasty comments public. Just like you’re doing now, with my last two e-mails. Your criticism is pretty hypocritical.

Um, no. Let’s backtrack: Senith sends an IRC log to St. TwisTer (patron saint of honesty, nobility and dupe bugz) in which GM Ironwill makes an ass of himself. GM Ironwill is then busted back down to… well, something else (rumor has it he soldiers on as a regular shard GM under a new alias). Pretty standard stuff, we see it pretty much on a weekly basis.

Here’s the good part. Senith then wonders why no one at OSI likes him any more. He feels left out of the “elite” (that he himself refers to in reverential tones in the chat log – and for the record, I think Ironwill was 100% dead smack right on in his assessment of those idiots) on the Test Center. He sends more email to Twister, complaining about how UO sucks now because no one listens to him.

He turns his domain ( into some sort of weird plot to overthrow Origin’s ownership of UO (You know, I really wish I was making all this up) and posts as much confidential material as he can lay hands on (which isn’t much, basically the counselor’s guidebook and some ways in which counselors and GMs can appear to take damage in game). St. TwisTer eats it up.

Two days later he posts a weird montage of a smurf ascending to heaven, says it was all a test and a joke and none of us got it, and that he had “ascended beyond all that now”.

On Earth, we would have never heard from him again. But alas, we live on Bizarro Earth, and Senith (now (ex)Senith) keeps popping up, posting bitchy screeds on the Test Center message base every so often, and, as we’ve seen today, sending me addled email every time his name appears. I’m sure I’ll get another one in about ten minutes or so.

But I’m the one who needs to let it go. Um, OK.