IT’S NOT TC, IT’S *COOL* TC [Author: wirehead]

Many of you have noticed a new shard up, “Cool Test Center”. Here’s the word from Runesabre.

<font color=”#77FF77″I know many of you enjoyed the old Abyss Test shard we had running months ago. Namely, many players missed being able to “blow off steam” by jumping onto the old Abyss Test shard, configuring their character to whatever they wanted then playing without worrying about character building and making gold.

Well, I have some pretty good news. When Test Center comes back up, it will have a new feature that will do the following:

1) When you login in with a character for the first time, you get 10,000 gold pieces!

2) You can configure your character’s stats and skills to anything you wish at anytime you wish as long as your character remains legal with skill and stat caps. To find out how to do this simply login with your character and say “help” and a simple built-in help dialogs will appear to instruct you how to configure your character.

Some examples to configure your character are as follows:

say “set str 80” and your strength stat will be set to 80.

say “set swords 554” and your swords will be set to 55.4 swordmanship.

All the skill keywords you need to use are available by simply saying “help”.

Hope you enjoy the new feature and will aid you both in testing new features on our Test Center as well as create a new place for you to simply play as you wish.