JOHN, I’M ONLY SINGING… [Author: lum]

The release version of Lum the Mad 2.0 (localized for Sonoma) will have to wait, looks like.

While we were all busy macroing in an unattended fashion last night, our guild leader had a trapped chest blow him up (for over 94 points of damage) while going through our stocks of supplies. In addition to a vanq weapon and 5 force weapons and all sorts of other crap, he also lost his copy of a tower key that was on loan to him prior to purchase, which trapped his now decaying corpse in the tower, and since the person he got it from actually has a real life instead of staying in IRC as their entire worthless existence, basically our guild is homeless for two weeks.

But that’s not the problem. Oh, no.

Being a trusting soul, he assumed that a quick yell at the Powers That Be And Were On Duty would solve the problem. I mean, it is sort of why they fucking get a paycheck.

(OK, I’ll wait while you all finish laughing hysterically.)

Fifteen minutes later…

“Can you help me? *explains situation*”

“I’m not sure I can help you if your body decayed.”

“No, you don’t understand, my BODY has decayed. My bones are still there. But they’ll decay very soon. Please help me NOW.”

Twenty three minutes pass. (He counted.)

“OK, I’ll go and check.”

But that’s not the best part. Oh, no.

While at least 5 people were begging this GM to actually do their job (including my friend/guildmaster, who happens to also be in OSI support and thus Has Access To The Seekrit Channels), this GM was busy.

Singing. In the IRC channel.

Well, the tower we were responsible for will probably decay now, and our guildmaster is pretty much set to quit UO. But I’m told they were very nice songs.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be up to speed on Sonoma eventually. In the meantime, will someone explain to me just what GMs do for a living? If it’s singing, I have some requests…