Just Assume I Made A Bad Pun Involving Bullets Here And Move On

Firefox 2 has crashed about 9… whoops, no, 10 times trying to make this blog post. I’m sure some will find that fitting given that this is a post denoting J. Henderson’s post mortem on Shadowbane and\’c2\~Wolfpack Studios. Wolfpack is now Stray Bullet Games. What’s the difference now?

In March, Ubisoft announced that Shadowbane could be played for free, with no monthly fees attached. Dahlberg said that could continue, though “alternate revenue methods” such as in-game advertising or even going back to the classic monthly fee are under consideration. Both present challenges to design as well as business, but Dahlberg said Shadowbane’s upkeep was “not very expensive right now.”

Oh, OK. So like Wolfpack, but without pesky\’c2\~things like “reliable income sources.”

Seriously, given the number of MMOs under development in the Austin area alone (I’ve heard mindboggling estimates like “around 30”) one more studio couldn’t hurt. It sounds like Wolfpack/SBS is moving on and making the MMO they want to make, with no compromises! It’ll be brutal! Only for the hardcore! Maybe they should contact some fansites.

Sorry, I just can’t turn off the snark today. Maybe if I could find a web browser that didn’t give me FIREFOX.EXE errors.