Received this comment on the anti-harvesting measures:It’s not that you can map the spawn down to the /loc.   It’s problems other then that seem to be causing this new “policy change” The fact is it’s not aimed at camping but at “Higher Level” players camping outside of thier “pre-built zones.”  It’s another case of Verant saying “you will play our way, or no way at all.  It’s our world afterall.” Verant should look at itself for the blame for the level of high level players camping low level spawns.  It’s a chain reaction they started. Timeline :

  1. Plane of Fear (POF) Opens.
  2. High Level players flood POF and start to have fun.  (although it’s a *tad* monty haulish)
  3. POF is rebalanced to the point of being impossible.  Large portion of the higher level playerbase quits.
  4. Bored high levels start twinking low level characters since they have nothing to look forward to.
  5. Without POF High Levels have a *large* choice of dungeons to fight in…. Guk B or Sol B.
  6. Both zones become overcrowded as more people get to higher levels every day (it’s pretty much inevitable if you keep playing).
  7. This causes more boredom amoung the high level players and even more twinking (bringing a need for some lower level camping to get the items to twink with)
  8. Low level players become upset over the higher level players taking over their spawns (even though higher levels have little else to do)
  9. Verant chooses to address this issue not by expanding high level zones and taking the higher levels out of the low levels zones by attracting them elsewhere but instead threatening to ban those who choose not to play the game the way it has been decreed.